What is Really Behind Weightloss?

A frequent question I am asked is "Can acupuncture help me lose weight?". I know there are claims by acupuncturists that will say yes, however, my experience is that acupuncture can help with balancing the body, mind & spirit to help with weight loss but is not what will cause the weight loss. 

Weight is certainly a hot topic these days with all the news coverage about the growing epidemic of obesity in this country and around the modernized world. I, personally, have struggled with weight as well. Although, I don’t agree with diets and which one to choose anyway? In every bookstore there are shelves of books on the subject of weight loss and my email often have advertisements about a new secret to weight loss.

I have been on a quest to answer the question for myself as well as for others. I’ve been reading books about the food industry in this country and when obesity actually began in this country ~ a truly heartbreaking tale of increasingly limited food choices. I’ve been reading, "In Defense of Food" by Michael Pollan; articles & books by Geneen Roth who explores the emotional side of eating and have also read books, blogposts and articles by Janice Taylor, "Our Lady of Weight Loss" who has turned her weight loss into art expression. I want to know all the variables involved in successful weight loss, not the yo-yo dieting methods of loss and gain.

What I am finding is that true weight loss is a personal journey of acceptance, understanding and making lifestyle choices that go beyond food. Weight loss is also about my emotional & spiritual relationship to myself, my self-esteem, my self-image and choosing food that I truly enjoy eating.

Stay tuned for my next newsletter which will be focused on food, eating and, perhaps, weightloss.

Make it an awesome day!