Spring Allergies

Of course, allergies are a major complaint this time of year with something new blooming everyday and pollens filling the breeze! Symptoms of sneezing, scratchy throats, itchy eyes, runny nose, head congestion and even itching from bug bites! Each year, I am certain that more and more people are suffering from allergies. I have my personal theories on why and, in my work, it is more about helping folks return to a balanced resourceful state so allergies are not a problem.

In my own personal experience… my allergies show up from dust, molds and the May flies. What are May flies you ask? They are those pesky little bugs that swarm around your head when gardening, doing yard work, talking to a neighbor over the fence or taking an ambling walk in the woods. AND, they bite (ok, sting)! If it is particularly warm outside and I am sweating, they swarm even more. When I get stung by them, the area swells, becomes red, itchy and even hurts. The area can stay inflammed for well over a week!

What I’ve done and recommeded to others are 3 practices that do work:

  • Neti – nasal cleansing or nasal irrigation. Neti is quite effective for the sneezing and congestion that comes with seasonal allergies where there are pollens floating in the air.
  • Daily, drink freshly squeezed lemon (& lime juice) in warm water with LOCAL honey. The lemon & lime are quite alkaline so they help to bring your body into a more alkaline state which cuts down on the inflammatory response to allergens. The local honey works like a homeopathic remedy which allows your body to build natural defenses against local allergens such as blooming flowers and budding trees. Local honey is important because the bees who have made the honey have feasted on all those blooming flowers which assist in building immunity against the allergic response. My experience is that processed honey and honey from ‘who knows where’ isn’t as effective.
  • Focus my diet, in general, on a more alkaline food plan. Inflammation doesn’t like an alkaline environment. Eating lots of meats, processed foods or fast foods are quite acidic. Fresh greens, avocados, whole grains and most fresh vegetables are best for creating a healthy alkaline environment.

Allergies may not disappear completely with these strategies but the effects of them will be lessened considerably.

And, of course, there is the seasonal tune-up with acupuncture or your personal health care practitioner that also helps strengthen your body’s immune system and more efficiently weather the seasonal stress on your body!