Spring Again!

Another Spring is here and I’ve taken a few days off to enjoy feasting my senses during my long walks, tending my garden and simply sitting to listen, feel and smell the vibrancy of this season. Am I enjoying this Spring more because of the long brutal winter we had here in New England? Yes, I believe I am! It seems that the bitter cold temperatures we had in January, after the ice in December and then lots of snow throughout has given an awesome vibrancy to all the new growth and flowering plants!

Last week, as I am sure you know, there was the Swine Flu scare in the news. I spent the week answering questions and easing fears as folks wanted to know how to protect themselves from the impending pandemic. I became very aware that fear is a tremendous motivator as well as a potentially dangerous stressor which can lead to weakening our immune systems and leaving us off balance. I feel certain that when we continue to do what we can to quell our fear, we will remain healthier. Some of the practices I use to calm my stress, anxiety & fear are: yoga, Qi Gong, meditation, journaling, writing affirmations and breathing. I can’t say enough about using the breath to calm stress! And it’s free, always available and can be done anywhere! 

Of course there are the simple things we can do as well: 1. Wash your hands frequently, especially after handling money, using someone else’s pen or after strolling around with your hands on a shopping cart. 2. Keep your appointments with your health care practitioners or schedule an appointment to stay in balance. 3. Keep herbs and supplements handy in the event you are feeling sick or exposed ~ my favorites are Chinese herbal formulas, of course, as well as Vitamin C, Elderberry, Omega 3 and the great multi-vitamin I use daily. 4. If you are feeling sick, stay home and focus on self-care until you feel well again. 5. If you are flying somewhere, taking the subway or train and feel anxious about being exposed consider wearing a mask. From some of the news photo’s last week, it may even be the newest fashion trend. At the very least, hold your breath for 20-30 seconds if someone sneezes or coughs near you. And then, go wash your hands!  

It seems that the Swine flu scare has been mostly that, a scare, at least for now. However, the practices I mentioned above are a good idea anytime for staying healthy and supporting our immune systems.

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Have a Great Day!