Souluna Life Coaching

I am soon to be certified in Souluna Life Coaching. I’ve been studying and practicing all Spring and Summer. I am ready to do more coaching! If you or someone you know might want or need personal coaching to help move in a new direction, move from a stuck place in your life or are ready for personal or spiritual transformation, give me a call and find out more or to schedule a coaching session.

I have personally used Life Coaches in my own life and, each time, have found the experience invaluable! When I was younger, I wouldn’t have even thought about doing atheletics or a sport without a coach. When I began doing acupuncture, I learned the most from my mentor and coach as I was finding my way as an independent practitioner. When it came time to write a book for publication, it was with a coach that I learned what was holding me back and how to move beyond my fears, my sabotage mechanisms and my stuck places so that I could move forward and actually write the book! My coaches have helped me get out of my own way to design my life to be extraordinary!

Becoming certified as a Life Coach is my way of giving back. I am most interested in working with people who want to make a change in their lives so that they live in balance – body, mind & spirit – and hold a vision of their greatest self, living their most exciting, adventurous and extraordinary life. I want to work with people who are willing to enter the realm of transformation on the deepest level and design their lives to be totally in alignment with their life’s purpose. 

Souluna Life Coaching is the program that I chose to study because it truly is a method that most effectively moves us from stuck to awesome with a balance between all parts of ourselves – body, mind & spirit. I believe that all parts of our lives must be in balance in order to live the life of our dreams and our highest self. Attending to only one part such as our work or our goals or our relationships, misses the mark for living in balance so that all parts of our life are extraordinary.

I look forward to hearing from you and being part of your transformation!