Prolonged Stress: The Disease Connection

I’ve been extremely busy these last two weeks and feeling the effects of stress. I’ve also been reading about the effects of long-term stress on imbalance and disease. Stress is the foundation for everything from allergies to weight gain or weight loss as well as the top diseases like diabetes, cancer and a string of auto-immune disorders. It’s not something I haven’t known about, however, the reminder is useful as I can get caught in over-extending and feeling stressed. We live in a time of prolonged stress with threats of terroism, the realities of war, a government that keeps us guessing and concerned as well as the day to day stress of an ever increasing cost of living that exceeds many peoples ability to keep up. So the question is really ~ What can we do to lessen the effects of prolonged stress on our bodies? Personally, I am renewing my commitment to myself to slow down and make the time for de-stressing activities. I am once again redesigning my days to be sure the time is available to be consistent with meditation, exercise and be in nature. Consider what you can do to make the time to relax and let go of the stress all around you!