Harried Holidays or Simply Stress Free?

We are just past Thanksgiving and the shopping frenzy has begun for the upcoming holidays. Over the weekend, I witnessed several accidents being cleaned up. As I passed each one, I wondered if this one was the result of someone being in a hurry to find the next gift for the cheapest price? What was so urgent that they needed to drive so fast or so dangerously?

Each year I watch people become more and more stressed as the holidays approach. I, too, can get into the frenzied pace if I am not careful. This year I am giving gifts that I’ve made or that I can purchase from the comfort of my computer. I’ve decided that the holidays are not worth risking my life or my finances by adding to an already busy and stressful life.

I plan to spend my holidays finding ways to relax and simply enjoy the company of friends or the company of myself. I’ve got a handful of books I’ve been wanting to read and another handful of knitting and sewing projects I will spend my evenings doing. When I visit friends and family, my requirement is to slow the pace and enjoy each other’s company.

May your holidays be filled with true peace and joy of the season! Be careful, celebrate simply and look forward to the New Year with less stress and a healthy spirit!