Souluna Life Coaching

I am soon to be certified in Souluna Life Coaching. I’ve been studying and practicing all Spring and Summer. I am ready to do more coaching! If you or someone you know might want or need personal coaching to help move in a new direction, move from a stuck place in your life or are ready for personal or spiritual transformation, give me a call and find out more or to schedule a coaching session.

I have personally used Life Coaches in my own life and, each time, have found the experience invaluable! When I was younger, I wouldn’t have even thought about doing atheletics or a sport without a coach. When I began doing acupuncture, I learned the most from my mentor and coach as I was finding my way as an independent practitioner. When it came time to write a book for publication, it was with a coach that I learned what was holding me back and how to move beyond my fears, my sabotage mechanisms and my stuck places so that I could move forward and actually write the book! My coaches have helped me get out of my own way to design my life to be extraordinary!

Becoming certified as a Life Coach is my way of giving back. I am most interested in working with people who want to make a change in their lives so that they live in balance – body, mind & spirit – and hold a vision of their greatest self, living their most exciting, adventurous and extraordinary life. I want to work with people who are willing to enter the realm of transformation on the deepest level and design their lives to be totally in alignment with their life’s purpose. 

Souluna Life Coaching is the program that I chose to study because it truly is a method that most effectively moves us from stuck to awesome with a balance between all parts of ourselves – body, mind & spirit. I believe that all parts of our lives must be in balance in order to live the life of our dreams and our highest self. Attending to only one part such as our work or our goals or our relationships, misses the mark for living in balance so that all parts of our life are extraordinary.

I look forward to hearing from you and being part of your transformation!

Mindful Health

Amazon ImageJust finished reading Ellen Langer’s new book, Great book! I’ve been thinking about mindfulness and how it relates to health and along came her book! I highly recommend it for anyone in the health care field as it addresses how we describe our illnesses and how definitions & labels limit our ability to consider healing.

My intention for this New Year is to practice mindfulness in all I do. It seems so easy to be mindful on my yoga mat or when I’m writing in my jounal. It is another matter to practice conscious mindfulness when speaking to others or as I go about my day. To jumpstart my practice, I’m asking myself, “How mindful was I in my last activity?” What an amazing learning process! I get to notice when I mindlessly go about my daily activity and then an increased awareness of how to be more mindful the next time. I am also noticing how, when multitasking, I cannot be mindful of all I am doing. As a result, I am choosing to do less multitasking so that I can be more aware.

I am becoming most aware of the words I use to describe my experience or words other’s use to describe their experience. A little awareness with a big impact! Do you know how many times people describe their pain with the words, “It’s killing me…”? I am encouraging each person to drop the word “killing” in reference to their experience. How can we describe our experience in words that are empowering for change? For example, I’ve been dealing with a chronic pain issue in my neck… When I focus on the pain, it seems to get worse. When I mindfully focus on the times when I am not in pain, then a pain-free experience is given room to expand. Does my neck still hurt? Yes, and focusing on when it doesn’t hurt is leading me to the practices and health care treatments that are healing. For the first time in months, I am actually encouraged that there is a day very soon when my neck will not hurt.

I encourage each one of you to take a look at where in your life you can practice more mindful awareness. Is it with your personal health issues, in your conversation or is it in some activity that you do daily with mindlessness? Bringing mindful awareness to every activity is empowering for making real change. Through mindfulness I am learning what I want in my life and what is time to let go of. The result? I am happier, healthier and living much more simply!

Happy New Year and may we make 2010 a truly great year by bringing more mindful awareness into our daily activity!

A Favorite New Book

When I find a great book to read, and I often have several I am reading at the same time, I want to tell my friends about it. I, personally, feel that a well written book that is entertaining and carries me along is healing. "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert is such a book!

I am relishing every page as I travel with her through Italy, India and Indonesia during her year of travelling in order to find out about herself. I find myself exploring my own self in each of these countries. Her descriptions are delightful and I can imagine the sounds, the sights and the smells of each description whether in a small restaurant in Italy or an ashram in Inda.

I find myself wanting to drop everything in order to read the whole thing and at the same time, wanting to relish each experience by putting the book down to savor the moment I just enjoyed with her. This will definitely be a book I read again!

What book are you reading?

Prolonged Stress: The Disease Connection

I’ve been extremely busy these last two weeks and feeling the effects of stress. I’ve also been reading about the effects of long-term stress on imbalance and disease. Stress is the foundation for everything from allergies to weight gain or weight loss as well as the top diseases like diabetes, cancer and a string of auto-immune disorders. It’s not something I haven’t known about, however, the reminder is useful as I can get caught in over-extending and feeling stressed. We live in a time of prolonged stress with threats of terroism, the realities of war, a government that keeps us guessing and concerned as well as the day to day stress of an ever increasing cost of living that exceeds many peoples ability to keep up. So the question is really ~ What can we do to lessen the effects of prolonged stress on our bodies? Personally, I am renewing my commitment to myself to slow down and make the time for de-stressing activities. I am once again redesigning my days to be sure the time is available to be consistent with meditation, exercise and be in nature. Consider what you can do to make the time to relax and let go of the stress all around you!


The rain hangs heavy in the air here in New England. A typical March day chilled to the bone. Mist fills spaces between treetops and hills. While in Arizona snow fell today Ending a long absence of moisture. Carol called to tell me of the owl sitting in the snow on a cactus. I could hear the smile in her voice Everyone is happy in Arizona today. Moisture soaks the air Awaiting desert blooms of Spring. In New England we rest on the edge between winter and spring. Moisture everywhere Chilled to the bone.

Spring is in The Air

The sun is shining, a gentle breeze stirs and the blue sky is awesome this morning! The birds sing of the coming Spring. Yes! It is in the air. A good day to do something fun and foolish ~ something that will make you laugh!