Self-care on a daily basis is so important! What do you do for your own self-care?

Here are some of the things I do:

1. I practise visualizing my day before I get out of bed in the morning ~ visualizing how I want to feel and what I want my day to be. I recently took a weekend workshop with Joe Dispenza who wrote the book, "Evolve Your Brain" and this technique is from his weekend. The key to this exercise is to stay put until you can feel all parts of the visualization before stepping into your day so your mind, body and emotions are all in alignment.

2. I take time each day to laugh which research shows helps the body’s immune system work better to ward off infection. I find that my laughter also helps to shift my mind from fear, anxiety and unhappiness. Laughter with others is even better.

3. I cook. Cooking focuses my mind. Researching the perfect recipe for dinner, for my newsletters or simply for something different to try is certainly less stressful than watching or reading the news.

4. Always, a walk in the woods clears my mind, moves my energy and quiets my emotions.

What works for you?

A Dog Lover’s Guide to Canine Massage

I’ve not posted in far too long as I’ve been working long hours to help get the book finished and out to the public! It is now available as of October 1st. You can get your copy through my shop here or on any of the online book stores like Amazon or Barnes & Noble. If you would like to see some of the testimonials we’ve already gotten, go to While you are there, you can also purchase a copy through our publisher.

I got a call yesterday with the best feedback yet! A woman who had already bought a copy called to let me know she needs another copy as her house guests loved it so much they took hers home! This is exactly what I was hoping for ~ a book that is practical and immediately useful for all dog lovers!

Take a look and, if you have a dog or know someone who does, consider purchasing your copy and do some holiday shopping as well!

Enjoy your day!

Nearly Thanksgiving & Full of Gratitude!

It is Sunday morning, the beginning of Thanksgiving week. I wish you all a very happy, healthy and gratitude filled day with family and friends!

As I sit here this morning exploring recipes for Thanksgiving day, I am also reflecting on what I am grateful for in my life. I am grateful for my health. I am grateful for a career in helping others explore and create health. I am grateful for living in such a beautiful part of the country ~ the Berkshires provide endless & exciting changes with the seasons throughout the year! I am grateful for my daughter and her fiance coming to share in Thanksgiving. I am grateful for my dogs and the daily opportunities they provide for me to be in nature learning new ways to view the world.

I am grateful for so much, it makes me smile! And it is true that I am not always holding the mndset of gratitude. I get caught in the stress of daily living, the frustrations and worries that leave a frown on my brow and tightness in my shoulders! However, taking the time to remember what I am grateful for brings out my smile, relaxes my shoulders and I feel lighter. I encourage you to remember what you are grateful for this Thanksgiving and then make it a regular practice to remember. Such a simple act of gratitude is healing and relieves stress.

I have written my "Tips for Relieving Stress" booklet as a way to remember that relieving stress can be a very simple thing. Remembering what I am grateful for is just one of many ways I do to relieve stress from my life and it only takes minutes to take effect.

Since stress is the underlying culprit for so many health concerns, I am committed to making it a practice to relieve the stress in my life so my health continues to be at the top of my list of gratitudes. Try it for yourself, you might be delighted in how light your next steps are and enjoy the smile that grows from gratitude instead of worry.  

Perhaps, this Thanksgiving, take the time in a blessing before the meal with your family & friends to remember together all that you are grateful for. Then notice how much better the meal tastes! Happy Thanksgiving!

Lyme Disease Companion Booklet

The hot topic this summer has been Lyme disease. It is an infection that is endemic in many areas, especially here in New England. Many of my clients suffering with Lyme symptoms are seeking alternative treatments as they are not getting enough relief from antibiotic therapies or their condition has become chronic.

There are mountains of conflicting thoughts on Lyme disease. For convenience, I have written a new booklet, A Lyme Disease Companion. I’ve outlined key information, prevention guidelines, risk profile, treatment options and choices you can make for your own healing or for someone you know. I am also sending along a report on Canine Lyme Disease for those of you who have dogs, like I do. 

It is a useful booklet to have on hand to either protect yourself now or get started immediately using alternative approaches to healing while beginning antibiotic therapy. The booklet can save you days of sifting through information while your symptoms become increasingly problematic. I have looked into the most successful therapies, lifestyle choices and supplements and included them in this booklet.

Each booklet is $4.77 and is sent in a legal sized envelope. Until my shopping cart is set up, you may order a copy by calling 413-528-3514 or emailing at

For those who would like to use herbs in their treatment protocol, I have developed a Chinese herbal formula that is directed to the primary picture of Lyme disease. I then make adjustments to individually customize the formula (an essential part of the success of Chinese formulas).

Lyme disease does not seem to be going away anytime soon since the spirochetes are rapidly evolving and, possibly, getting smarter!

My Latest Read ~ The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point

I strongly recommend another great read, The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. He presents some very interesting and intriguing thoughts on how little things make a big difference. He presents the kinds of people and circumstances that create big differences in our world. Consider that one man, Paul Revere and his infamous “midnight ride” began the Revolutionary War and changed the course of our country.

Malcolm Gladwell writes in a style that keeps the reader glued to every page wanting to know more. I am inspired! I’d like to see more positive epidemics like the “Life is Good” line of clothing instead of the negative epidemics that fill our news and are all too familiar.


A Favorite New Book

When I find a great book to read, and I often have several I am reading at the same time, I want to tell my friends about it. I, personally, feel that a well written book that is entertaining and carries me along is healing. "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert is such a book!

I am relishing every page as I travel with her through Italy, India and Indonesia during her year of travelling in order to find out about herself. I find myself exploring my own self in each of these countries. Her descriptions are delightful and I can imagine the sounds, the sights and the smells of each description whether in a small restaurant in Italy or an ashram in Inda.

I find myself wanting to drop everything in order to read the whole thing and at the same time, wanting to relish each experience by putting the book down to savor the moment I just enjoyed with her. This will definitely be a book I read again!

What book are you reading?

Staying Healthy While Others Are Not

It is very cold here in New England. So cold that my tears freeze on my cheeks on my early  morning walk. My dogs struggle to keep at least one paw out of the snow at all times. Even though there is very little snow, I can only imagine walking in bare feet and how quickly I’d either be frozen in place or rushing inside!

My first challenge in this 0 +/- weather is to keep warm. My second is to keep my pipes warm enough to deliver water in the morning, especially the hot water. I’ve had frozen pipes at home and at work already so I am getting to perfect my system of just the right temperature to keep the indoors and how many dripping faucets need to be open so the warm water will indeed flow in the morning.

Did you know that hot water freezes first? I didn’t, but I found out!

The next challenge is how to stay healthy when it seems that everyone around me is coughing or sneezing. I fell prey to the coughing and sneezing several weeks ago as everyone on the airplane I was a passenger on was sneezing and coughing. I am a fan of using an antibacterial hand cleanser, however, I was told I couldn’t take it on the plane. After that cold, I am determined to stay healthy the rest of this winter!

My regular routine is to get outside and walk each morning, no matter how cold. My walk helps me acclimate to the cold so I am naturally warmer inside. I am being vigilent about eating healthier with a dose of prevention in mind ~ lots of soups loaded with vegetables and my favorite defense, garlic. At least once a month, I make a big pot of soup with herbs to boost my immune system. Some of the herbs I include are astragalus, sea vegetables, shitake mushrooms, lycium berries and others that are part of Oriental herbal medicine (email me if you want to know more). I also keep on hand preventive supplements that I take if I’ve been around someone who is sick, which comes with the territory of being an acupuncturist.

Most importantly, I wash my hands regularly and use my own pen wherever I go! Most of these nasty ‘germs’ are spread by grasping a doorknob or using a pen from someone who just sneezed or coughed into their hand politely covering their mouth!

According to Puxatawny Phil on Groundhog’s Day, we will be having an early spring. So green pastures, daffodils and warmer weather are just around the corner. In the meantime, bundle up, eat well and keep your hands clean and to yourself!


Finally! I’ve got two booklets written and printed with more on the way!

I’ve been working on this idea all summer and fall. It grew out of requests for information from clients and workshops I’ve taught. A series of booklets on various practices of health and well-being. Each booklet includes an introduction to a topic, tips or exercises to do as well as a bibliography for those who want to learn more.

The first two are 1) Journal Starts or using a journal for healing body, mind and spirit and 2) Tips for Relieving Stress. Every booklet is $4 (unless quantities are ordered) and, for now, can be ordered by sending me an email or calling The Centre at 413-528-3514.

After the new year begins, I will be adding a shopping cart to my web page to make ordering simple and easy. So stay tuned….

In the works, is another booklet nearly complete and a list of booklet ideas I’ll begin working on in January! Keep checking back for updates and new publications.

Happy Holidays!

This is the time of year when stress is the theme!  Does it really need to be? Everywhere I turn, folks are driving fast, short-fused and generally overwhelmed. What has happened to the spirit of giving? of welcoming back the light? of enjoying the festivities of ending one year and ushering in the next?

I wish for everyone, everywhere to take a moment, look around and find joy this season! Do something simple and meaningful for those you love as well as those you pass on the street. When buying those last minute gifts that often put us into overwhelm, consider if that gift is being given with love and caring or is it an obligatory gift?

As I reflect on this past year and look forward to the next, I am wondering what changes I can put in place now to practice gratitude and place my health and well-being at the top of the list. My first adventure is a brief winter trip to Arizona to soak up some desert sun and take a training at the same time! What will be first on your list?

For this holiday season and for the coming 2007, I wish you all peace, joy and well-being throughout the year!

Healing Water

I woke thirsty this morning! I drank my first glass of water and noticed that the water tasted divine and my body felt immediately refreshed. Then, outside I went for my morning walk. It is summer here in New England where the warm temperatures are combined with high humidity. Several steps into my walk I felt beads of sweat on my forehead ~ water leaving my body! I reached for my water to replenish my thirsty cells as I pick up the pace of my walk.

Do you drink enough water? Are you thirsty? Are you chronically dehydrated? Do you attempt to quench your thirst with soft drinks, caffeine, alcohol or drinks sweetened with sugar? All of these actually dehydrate your body more. The answer? More water, herbal teas, and natural liquids in soups and fresh vegetables.

According to Dr. Batmanghelidj, the author of Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, this ongoing dehydration may be the cause for some of our most chronic and bothersome diseases like arthritis, asthma, hypertension, diabetes and, even, obesity. The reason? Our body’s quest to conserve water.

Nearly 100% of the time when I ask clients if they drink enough water, they answer ‘No’ and they admit to being thirsty. Our body is made up of 50 – 65% water with muscle tissue containing more. Water, as all have learned at some time, is essential for life. Besides quenching thirst, water supports the proper functioning of our organs, cells and circulation.

According to Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and Tibetan medicine, although water itself is rarely mentioned, fluids are important to health. Fluids in all three branches of medicine refer to soups, teas and the vegetables we eat. Certainly, in our present culture, the convenience of bottled water is available everywhere. It appears to be a fashion statement to have a bottle of water tucked somewhere. For our health, drinking that water is even more important than the fashion statement.

Don’t wait until you are thristy. Many of us don’t know thirst. When first drinking more water, you will learn the sensation of thrist as your body celebrates having it. You will then want more. Drink water throughout the day and pure filtered water is best. Whether sipping throughout the day at your desk or drinking more during and after a workout, quenching your body’s thirst will leave you feeling better, have more energy and think more clearly!

If you don’t like the taste of  water, add a twist of lemon or lime and leave the sugar for another time. In the summer, I like to make a jar of sun tea by placing several herbal tea bags in a glass jug of water and placing it in the sun. By the end of the day, I’ve got a delicious jug of naturally brewed herbal tea.